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SAMA would like to thank the following businesses and individuals for supporting the Museum in 2017:

Mrs. James Titelman

$50,000 - $99,999

Ms. Lynn Ashe


$25,000 - $49,999

Benzel’s Bretzel Bakery
Mr. and Mrs. William Benzel


$15,000 - $24,999

The Donald & Sylvia Robinson Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. J. Martin Kooman

Mr. and Mrs. Harry McCreary


$10,000 - $14,999



$7,500 - $9,999

Mrs. Mary Weidlein

$5,000 - $7,499
Mr. James Cayce and Mr. Thomas Dosh
Hon. Timothy and Dr. Anne Creany
Mrs. Nancy Devorris
Diane and Dr. Scott Q. Little
UPMC Health Plan

$2,500 - $4,999
Karen and Dr. Magdi Azer
Atty. and Mrs. Gary L. Costlow
Dr. Betty Cottle
Mr. and Mrs. David Davies
Franciscan Friars
Ms. Deborah DeGol and Mr. Robert Krumroy
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Detwiler
Mr. and Mrs. John K. Duggan, Jr.
Kranich's, Inc.
Mrs. Mary Lessard
Marian and Dr. Owen K. Morgan
Mr. and Mrs. Edward O'Brien
Sheetz, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Strueber
Mrs. Chantel Ventura

$1,500 - $2,499
Mr. and Mrs. Woody Acker
Altoona Pipe & Steel Supply Co.
AmeriServ Financial Inc.
Askew-Houser Inc.
Blair Companies
Mary and Dr. Joel E. Borkow
Ms. Debbie Brandimarte
Cambria CoGen
Concurrent Technologies Corporation
F.N.B. Wealth Management
First National Trust Company
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Forosisky
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Grimm
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Hawk/Bedford Fine Art Gallery
Highmark Blue Shield
Mr. and Mrs. R. Jeffrey Kimball
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Passarello
PennCrest Bank
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Pifferetti
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sullivan
Mrs. James Titelman
Wessel & Co.

$1,000 - $1,499
Blue Spark Capital Advisors
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Calandra
Clark Contractors, Inc.
Coldwell Banker
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gleason
The Hite Company
Laurel Imports, Inc.
The M&T Charitable Foundation
Magee-Womens Specialty Center
Dr. Jeria and Mr. Steve McKnight
Mr. and Mrs. Seward P. Mellon
Neil and Marilyn Port Family Foundation
Mr. Barry Newborn
Penn State Altoona
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Port
Mrs. Sylvia Robinson
The Sandman Family Fund
Ms. Madelon Sheedy
Ms. Nancy R. Sheetz
Mr. Bob Theis
Mr. Pat Torchia
Ward Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Wolf
Mr. and Mrs. John Wolf
Young, Oakes, Brown and Co., P.C.

$500 - $999
Altoona Mirror
American Eagle Paper Mills
Betty and Dr. Adib Barsoum
Blue Knob Auto, Inc.
Mr. Tim Boyles
Clearfield-Jefferson Head & Neck/Dr. Gregory Roscoe
Mr. and Mrs. Chad Clouser
Courtesy Ford Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Endersbe
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Foley
Mr. and Mrs. Steve George
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Glenn
Mrs. Rita Haldeman
Mr. and Mrs. William Hoffman
Mr. Timothy Inglis
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Isbister
Jody Christen and Michael Dinger Family Foundation
Mrs. Dede Kazmaier
Mrs. Kashana Kopac
Lawruk Machine & Tool Company
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Lemley
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Mellon
Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Mellon
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Overholt
Atty. Blair Pawlowski
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Pennington
Mrs. Connie Pilz
Mr. Bernard Schilling and Mr. Drew Knapton
Mrs. Shirley Zampelli Sturtz-Davis
Mr. James Wehling

$250 - $499
1st Summit Bank
Altoona First Savings Bank
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Andersson
Atty. and Mrs. David Andrews
Art in Common
Mr. John Barsotti
Mrs. Jeannie Beaufort
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bennear
Ms. Phyllis Bertok
Blair Gastroenterology Associates
Cove Creek Outfitters
Mr. and Mrs. C. Elton Crider
Dale Oxygen, Inc.
Mr. David DeGol and Ms. Renee Noel
Mr. Ron Donoughe
Mr. and Mrs. James Drayer
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Gooder
Ms. Lynn Heverly
Mr. and Mrs. R. Lee Hite
Mr. and Mrs. Sean Hoffman
Mrs. Jan Kinney
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart M. Louchheim
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Z. Macdonald
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen McAneny
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas McClure
McQuaide Blasko Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Francis G. Miller
Dr. Barbara Naimoli and Neil Hollander
Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Newlin
North American Communications
Northwest Savings Bank
Okonak, Ciocca & Lechner, P.C.
Gerard and June Penta
Mr. Kim Rauch
Mrs. Ann Robertshaw
Don and Kate Ruggery
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Savino
Seltzer Financial Strategies
Dr. Margaret (Peggy) Smith
Smorto, Persio, Webb & McGill
Mrs. Jana Stanford-Sidler
Mr. Joseph Stevens
Mrs. Barbara R. Wachter
Mr. Craig Wallace
Mr. and Mrs. G. William Ward
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Zollweg

$100 - $249
Mr. and Mrs. David Albright
Allied Artists of Johnstown
Ms. Catherine Andrews
Mr. Urban S. Antos
Ms. Jacqueline Barber
Beard Legal Group
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Blackburn
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Bloom
Dr. and Mrs. Hugh Brallier
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Burk
Ms. Terry Carnila
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Cotlar
Mrs. Kay Sullivan Crotsley
Dean Patterson Chevrolet Cadillac Mazda Hyundai
Mrs. Mary DeLozier
Mr. Donald L. Detwiler
Atty. Gary Discavage
Mr. and Mrs. David Dolinger
Ms. Sara Gable
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gajewski
Dr. and Mrs. Edmundo M. Grab
H.F. Lenz Company
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Haas
Mr. Daniel C. Helsel
Ms. Cynthia Hershey
Dr. and Mrs. Edward Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Horowitz
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Hymes
Irwin Financial
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Irwin
Sen. Robert Jubelirer and Hon. Renee Cohn Jubelirer
Dr. and Mrs. Mark Keating
Keller Engineers, Inc.
Dr. Alan Kivitz and Dr. Vicki Sommer
Mr. and Mrs. James Kuhn
Mr. Kevin Kutz
Ms. Maria LaGana
Law Office of Joel Peppetti
Dr. and Mrs. Camille Maravalli
Martin Oil Company
Ms. Janice Martin and Mr. John Kepler
Mr. and Mrs. Val Masci
Atty. and Mrs. Dennis McGlynn
Dr. and Mrs. Ralph McKibbin
Mr. and Mrs. Michael McLanahan
Dr. and Mrs. Marvin Meisner
Mrs. Mildred Miller
Mr. and Mrs. G. Gary Moyer
The Murray Organization, LTD
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Otis
Dr. and Mrs. Randy Patterson
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Pawlowski
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Port
Dr. and Mrs. James Renney
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rightnour
Mr. and Mrs. David Rispoli
Mr. and Mrs. John Rita
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Roach
Mr. and Mrs. James Rosenthall
Mrs. Judy Rossman
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rowe
Ms.  Amy Seltzer
Mr. and Mrs. Irving Seltzer
Mrs. Tina Sheetz
Mrs. Peggy Shepler
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Shuss
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip B. Sky
Slovenian Savings & Loan Assoc.
Mr. Gordon Smith
Suzanne Egan, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Swatsworth
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Teufel
Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Thompson
Ms. Judith Counsel Vipond
Warner’s Florist Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. David Werner
Mr. Tim Wherry and Dr. Lori Bechtel-Wherry
Mr. and Mrs. Len Whiting
Dr. and Mrs. Philip M. Woo
Ms. B. Ann Woodall
Ms. Pat Zeigler

$50 - $99
321 Gallery
Mr. Duane Adams and Ms. Jane Carothers
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Albright
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Artuso
Ms. Sally Becker
Mrs. Carol F. Berger
Mrs. Patricia Beyer
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Capriotti
Charles O. Dimond Funeral Home, Inc.
Ms. RossAnn Clark
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Morley Cohn
Color Me Beautiful
Damin Printing Company
Pat and Chick Dillen
Finds Furniture Consignment
Ms. Maria K. Friday
Atty. and Mrs. Terry Goldstein
Mrs. Helen Gorsuch
Ms. Hollis Hall
Ms. Betty Hammer
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Hollander
Image Signs, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kaminsky
Mr. George C. Kelchner
Dr. Janette Kelly and Mr. Todd Kelly
Ms. Kathleen Kelly
Mrs. Susan Kiren
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Kravits
Atty. and Mrs. Alan Krier
Mrs. Marianne Krizner
Ms. Ruth Laney
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Larkin
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Long
Ms. Patricia Majcher
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Makosy
Ms. Valerie A. Metzler
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Moringiello
Fr. James Morman, T.O.R.
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Morris
Ms. Lynn Musulin
Mr. Robert M. Neidorff
Mr. and Mrs. Elia R. Ofiesh
Mr. John Orr
Dr. and Mrs. Carroll Osgood
Ms. Peg Panasiti
Dr. and Mrs. Richard E. Price
Railroaders Memorial Museum
RE/MAX Results Realty Group
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rowe
Mrs. Rita Sangiorgi
Mr. and Mrs. John Skelley
Mr. John Skrabalak
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Smitley
Mrs. Genia Sommer
Mr. Robert Stere
Thaler Family Dentistry
Mrs. Janet Turjan
Ms. Jennie McKeage Vincent
Ms. Sharon Wall
Mr. and Mrs. John Wandrisco
Mr. and Mrs. George Winters
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Yusko

$10 - $49
Mr. Dominick Aimino
Ms. Joelyn Aukerman
Ms. Sara Barron
Mrs. Elfrieda A. Beard
Ms. Gretchen Beck
Mrs. Mary Ann Belin
Ms. Zoe Bellamy
Mr. Margaret Black
Ms. Jeanne Bolger
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Bolinger
Mrs. Jill Bulman
Ms. Leila Calderwood
Ms. Joyce Collins
Rev. James B. Coveney
Ms. Judith Cutler
Mr. Steven Davis
Mr. Lugene Delozier
Mr. Joseph Doyle
Mrs. Veronica Evey
Mrs. Joy Fairbanks
Mr. Barry Gaut
Mr. John K. Goodwin
Mrs. Saundra Gramling
Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Harrison
Ms. Adrienne Heinrich
Ms. Lynn Hight
Ms. Christina Irwin
Mrs. Lenora Irwin
Ms. Jane Johnston
Ms. Virginia Z. Jones
Mr. Alvin Just
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Kaplan
Ms. Mary Ann Keagy
Mr. C. David Kimmel
Ms. Kerrie Kinzle
Ms. Karen Kohler
Ms. Sondra Kranich
Ms. Veronia Kubica
Ms. Joyce Kubinec
Ms. Mary Beth Landis
Mr. and Mrs. Adam J. Leiden
Ms. Barbara Lynne
Dr. Maryanne Martin
Dr. Michael McKale
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Oles
Mrs. Martha E. Orr
Mr. Zone Patcher
Ms. Catherine Rosensteel
Dr. Florence Warfel
Mr. and Mrs. John West
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wylie
Ms. Kathleen Zimbicki